The Scriptorium Character Builder - Sketch

Story TitleCharacter Name
Main character Minor character Protagonist/supporter Antagonist/supporter

Physical Appearance
(Gender, age, body type, hair, eyes, facial features, dress, posture, movements, mannerisms, speech, first impression)

Background that may influence motivations
(Education, religions, family, early childhood experiences, financial situation, profession, marital status, other relationships, habits, surroundings/environment, health)

(Distinctive traits, self-image, yearnings/dreams, fears/apprehensions, sense of humor, code of ethics, attitude (optimistic? overly sensitive?))

Other details
(Hobbies, skills, favorite foods, colors, books, music, art)


Story Relevance
Positive traits:

Negative traits (character flaws):

How these characteristics are relevant to the story?

What complications arise from this character?


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